Medium-Sized and Internationally Operating Corporate Group

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Delfi Group is a medium-sized and internationally operating corporate group.
We supply markets in Europe, North America and Asia in consistently high quality. We maintain identical corporate structures and production facilities at all locations. Our production facilities are located in Germany, Austria, Hungary and China - in the USA we offer our customers a local point of distribution.

We develop hardware and software as well as mechanics at the locations in Germany, Hungary and Hong Kong. We develop and plan process and production technologies in Germany. Design and production of plastic injection molds as well as die casting takes place in Hungary, Germany and China.

Scope of supply
Our scope of supply ranges from individual components to assemblies up to complete serial production of systems including after-sales service. ODM and OEM are daily business.

Product and Service Solutions

From system development up to after-sales service
We accompany you from the product idea through the entire product life cycle. Close cooperation between your project and our development teams is ensured by our professional project management with interdisciplinary competence. We use effective methods and tools to show you innovative and pioneering solutions. Highly qualified engineers for hard- / software and precision mechanics as well as for process and automation are working at our development sites. A comprehensive network ensures us access to the latest technologies to provide you with optimal celerity, productivity and efficiency.

Research & Development

Research site
• Plauen

Our development sites:
• Kirchzarten (Mechanic and Design)
• Zwickau and Jena (Hard- and Software; Mechanic)
• Nagykanizsa, Hungary (Mechanic)
• Hong Kong (Hard- and Software; Mechanic)

• Research (5 Dr. engineers und 10 engineers)
• Hardware (10 engineers and 2 technicians)
• Software (8 engineers)
• Mechanics (10 engineers and 3 technicians)
• Graphic arts and design (2 designers)
Legal guidelines:
• SIL (IEC 61508)
• ASIL (ISO 26262)
• AQAP 2110
• Software FMEA
  - Failures in Time (FIT)
• System FMEA
  - Single Point Fault Metric (SPFM)
  - Latent Fault Metric (LFM)

ISO 9001:2015


Task fields:
• Thermal management
• Metallurgy

The thermal and fluidic design of power engineering components is a complex task. An important tool is the mathematical simulation of impulse, heat and mass transfer processes as well as resulting mechanical load.

Typical applications are:
• Thermal storage (sensitive, latent or sorptive)
• Heat exchanger for gas and liquids with or without phase changes (evaporator/condenser)
• Tempering systems for electrical energy storage or temperature-sensitive assemblies
• Cooling systems for heat producing electrical components (e.g. in the power electronics)

Software development

Task fields: Used programming languages: Wire and Wireless communication:
• Interface
• Modbus
• M-Bus
• Lin Bus
• SMS Modem
• BacNet
• NMEA 2000
• Image processing
• Firmware
• Driver programming
• User interfaces
• Algorithms development
• Mobile Apps
• Intuitive Touchscreens
• C; C++; .NET(C#+VB)
• operating System
• Linux
• U-Boot
• Labview
• Java; Java Script
• None
• Android
• 433 MHz
• 868MHz
• SigFox
• Bluetooth
• ZigBee
• Wi-Fi
• antenna design
• print design
• protocol design
• CAN/CAN-Open
• Flexray
• Module integration

Hardware development


Task fields: Microprocessors: Hardware tools:
• Analoge Design
• Digitale Design
• Ultra low power
• RF Design
• Acceleration measurements
• Switchable power supplies
• Power electronics
• Battery management
• ECU development
8 bit
• Atmel AVR Serie
• Microchip PIC Serie
• Silicon Labs RF Transmitter
   with integrated 8051
• Philips 8051

16 bit
• Texas Instruments MSP430 Serie

32 bit
• ST STM32 Serie
• ST STR911
• Silicon Labs EFM32 Serie
• Atmel SAM9 Serie
• Freescale i.MX Serie
• Altiums Designer
• Mentor Graphics
• Eagle
• Orcad
• Matlab Simulink
• PSpice

Mechatronics development

Task fields: CAD-Tools:  
• Precision mechanics
• Housing design
• Functional parts
• Cosmetic parts
• Assembly + automationn
• Test equipment
• Selection of suitable materials
• Selection of appropriate
   tool making
• Conception and implementation
   of automation
• Pro Engineer
   (Wildfire and Creo Pro)
• Solid Works
• Inventor
• Siemens NX
• EPLAN P8 Fluid
• Moldflow
• CoCreate Modeling/ PTC Creo

Graphic art + Design

Grafik + Design

Task fields: Design-Tools:  
• Housing design
• 3D product visualization
• Packaging concept
• Packaging design
• Operating instructions
• Icon Design for GUI
• Selection of material
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Maxon Cinema 4D


Our production sites:

• Shenzhen, China
• Székesfehérvár und Nagykanizsa, Hungary

Mechatronics/ Tool making for stamping technique:
• Kempten, Germany
• Lechaschau, Austria

Tool manufacturing/ plastics manufacturing:
• Érd, Hungary
• Fertöszentmiklós, Hungary

• DIN EN ISO 9001
• DIN EN ISO 13485:2012
• IATF 16949
• EN ISO 14001
• OHSAS 18001

• Recognition and implementation of BSCI
   are implemented as standards

Electronics production

Selektiv Löten

Locations: Hungary and China

Processing of high quality components
• Up to 4 SMT lines per site
• Aluminum and gold bonding on PCB’s and ceramics
• Clean-room production
• Country-specific applications of Through-Hole Technologies
• Laser-, wave-, reflow-, selective soldering
• Automatic coating and casting facilities

Basis for high product quality
• Best-Cost-Country-Strategy
• Selection of the individual best solution according to the requirements
• The same level of quality, flexibility and security at all locations
• Performance of stress tests
• Verification of documentation and functionality
• Production process ends not before delivery to the customer
• AOI as in- and off-line-system
• In-circuit- and function test systems
• Function test via VXI-Bus and graphic software

Mechatronics production

Fertigung Mechatronik

Locations: Kempten, Germany and Lechaschau, Austria

Our core competence in stamping and bending techniques:

• Contacts/ contacting
• Hybrid parts
• Press-in technique
• Stamping-, bending-, forming parts
• CNC parts
• Progressive compound tools and parts

Development service in stamping and bending techniques:
• Product development in the field of contacting
• Internal construction for tool making
• Press-in technology
• eMobility
• FEM (Finite Element Method) calculation
• Construction/ process FMEA
• Spring calculation
• Rapid Prototyping

• Normal stamping/ fine stamping
• Stamping/ Bending
• Assembly
• Integrated welding processes
• CNC milling, 600 x 1.100 x 570 mm
• Wire cutting, 600 x 800 x 500 mm
• Flat grinding, 500 x 1.000 x 300 mm
• Hardening for tool making
• Part finish with Rössler-Trowal and degreasing
• Tool making/ machine- / plant construction

• Manufacturing systems stamping technique: HUBER, BIHLER, BRUDERER,
• Type of material: strip, wire, spring material
• Material qualities: steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal
• Material width: 3,0 - 150mm
• Material thickness (according to geometry): 0,05 - 3,0mm / Ø0,05 - 6,0mm
• Surfaces (partners): silver, gold, tin, zinc, nickel, copper
Mechatronik Fertigung

Tool making and plastics manufacturing


Locations: Hungary and Germany

Development performance in the field of plastics:
• Optimization of components – plastic compliant interpretation
• Simulations – filling and deformation calculation
• 100% development performance by Delfi Systems

Our strengths in tool making:
• Adherence to schedules, 1 contact person for each customer, Barcode controlled production
• High precision tools (partly high chrome containing steel types) with low steel tolerances <0,005mm
   in air-conditioned rooms
• Reproducibility of individual parts, short delivery time on spare parts thanks to 100% guaranteed
• Technical competence, integration of the latest technologies, such as Lasercusing, close-contoured cooling
• Functional guarantee, samples, production of pre-series in the technical center with first article
   inspection reports

Injection molding tools:

• Multi-component parts (2K, 3K )
• Molds for medical/ pharmaceutical applications
• Segmented molds
• Level molds
• Molds for precision molds with tightest tolerances
• Molds for glass fiber reinforced high temperature
   resistant sophisticated plastics (e.g. Peek)
• Molds for optical parts (light discs, light guides)
• Molds for automotive interior and exterior
• High-precision parts with sophisticated visible
   surfaces, design parts
• Molds for metal-plastic hybrid parts, rotors, stators
• Molds for housings and functional parts

Injection molding machines:

• 70 injection molding machines for 1K
   at the locations Hungary and Germany
   - Interlock from 400 KN to 23000 KN
   - Part weights of 0,5-8800 gr
• 5 injection molding machines for 2K
   at the locations Hungary and Germany
   - Interlock from 1300 KN to 6500 KN
   - part weight up to 998/217 gr

• 6 fully automated CNC production cells
• Pad printing process
• Assembly on 500m2
• Processing of all thermoplastics – reinforced and unreinforced
   - PA, PS, POM,PBT, PP, ABS; PC,SAN etc.
   - High-temperature materials PEEK/ PPSU/ PEI/ LCP
Kunststoff Fertigung


Delfi Systems GmbH
Eschbach Straße 6
D-79199 Kirchzarten

Tel: +49 (0) 7661/ 9709-131

Delfi Hungary Kft.
Csengery utca 111
H-8800 Nagykanizsa

Tel: +36 704 25 99 66
Delfi Innovations GmbH
Friedensstraße 54
D-08523 Plauen

Tel: +49 (0) 7661/ 9709-131

Delfi Tech Deutschland GmbH
Industrieweg 19
D-24955 Harrislee

Tel +49 (0) 461 930 690 70

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Delfi Group
Electronics production, device- and system manufacturing
Development areas: Hardware, software, mechanics, automation- and production technologies

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Huber GmbH & CO. KG
Development/ Construction: Stamping technique, tool manufacturing, automation technology

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Development areas: Hardware, software, mechanics

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Research areas: Powder metallurgy, thermal management systems, fluid engineering

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Gia Form
Development / Construction in tool manufacturing,
CNC machining, plastic injection molding

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Development / Construction in plastic- & rubber-injectiontool manufacturing

Pro Moulding
plastic injection molding up to 2300 ton clamping force range


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